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Charting the Future: BK Amharic's Journey to Linguistic and Cultural Mastery

BK Amharic's Growth Roadmap Year Three Growth Roadmap Year Three

Our Year Three Plan

Charting the Future of Amharic Language and Cultural Education

Enhancement and Community Building


With a solid curriculum in place, we focus on enhancing the learning experience with advanced modules, technology integration, and nurturing a thriving community of learners and cultural enthusiasts.

BK Amharic Year Three Roadmap
Q1 - Analyze feedback from Years 1 and 2.
- Initiate enhancement plans for existing curriculum modules.
- Identify key communities for outreach and engagement.
- Plan curriculum enhancements based on learner and expert feedback.
- Develop strategies for community engagement and partnership building.
- Set specific goals for community involvement and brand presence.
- Implement enhancements to the curriculum.
- Begin community engagement activities.
- Strengthen online presence through targeted marketing and collaborations.
- Evaluate the effectiveness of curriculum enhancements.
- Review community engagement outcomes.
- Assess the growth in online presence and brand recognition.
Q2 - Review Q1 progress.
- Plan for the development of advanced language practice resources.
- Identify potential partners for cultural events and language practice sessions.
- Develop a detailed plan for advanced language practice resources.
- Outline a schedule for cultural events and partnership activities.
- Plan engagement strategies for increased learner interaction and feedback.
- Develop and test advanced language practice resources.
- Host cultural events and establish partnerships.
- Implement strategies for increased learner interaction.
- Assess the reception and effectiveness of advanced language practice resources.
- Evaluate the success of cultural events and partnerships.
- Gather and analyze learner feedback for future enhancements.
Q3 - Gather feedback from first half of the year.
- Plan for the integration of technology in language learning (e.g., mobile apps, AI-driven tutors).
- Identify opportunities for expanding community reach.
- Develop a roadmap for technology integration in learning modules.
- Plan for community expansion activities and new partnership initiatives.
- Set targets for community growth and learner engagement.
- Implement technology enhancements in learning modules.
- Execute community expansion activities.
- Strengthen partnerships and explore new collaboration opportunities.
- Evaluate the integration and effectiveness of technology enhancements.
- Review the impact of community expansion activities.
- Assess the strength and outcomes of new partnerships and collaborations.
Q4 - Review the year’s progress.
- Plan for the consolidation of year's achievements.
- Strategize on further brand positioning and market expansion.
- Develop strategies for consolidating curriculum enhancements.
- Plan end-of-year events to celebrate community and partnerships.
- Outline strategies for next year's growth and market expansion.
- Consolidate curriculum enhancements.
- Host end-of-year community and partnership events.
- Implement strategies for market expansion.
- Evaluate the impact of curriculum consolidation.
- Assess the success of community and partnership events.
- Review progress towards market expansion and set goals for the next year.

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