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Embark on this linguistic adventure with BK Amharic Online Courses and open a world of possibilities. Join us in bridging cultures, fostering connections, and unlocking your potential through the beauty of the Amharic language.


Beginner’s Guide to Geez Numbers & Amharic Sounds

Dive into Amharic with a focus on numbers and phonetics. This beginner's course covers the unique numeral system and fundamental sounds of Amharic, equipping learners to understand basic numeracy and pronunciation. Ideal for newcomers eager to explore.


Introduction to the Amharic Alphabet (Geez Script) for Beginners

Kickstart your journey into Amharic with this beginner's course on the Geez script. Learn to read, write, and pronounce the Amharic alphabet through interactive lessons, gaining the skills to craft basic words and phrases. No prior experience needed.