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Embrace a new era of language learning with BK Amharic! Bid farewell to mundane memorization as we usher you into a world of interactive lessons powered by cutting-edge technology. Here, active engagement is the key. From perfecting your pronunciation to immersing yourself in real-life conversations, you’ll cultivate practical language skills that endure and truly stick.

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Get ready to Level Up Your Learning! With our Choose Your Own Adventure feature, students have the freedom to choose how they want to learn. By simply clicking the button below, they can dive into exciting review and enrichment activities in Amharic. To make the most of their learning experience, we suggest that adults set expectations for the ideal amount of time their students should spend on these activities each day or week. This way, they can maximize learning while also ensuring a healthy balance with screen time. Need some guidance? Click on the Ways To Support Your Student button below for helpful information.

Learning Amharic, like any language, can be an exciting and rewarding experience for kids. Here are the major four steps with their descriptions for kids starting as beginners

Introduction to Amharic Alphabets and Sounds:

Description: Beginners who are studying Amharic begin their language journey by mastering the fundamental alphabets and numbers, as well as familiarizing themselves with essential everyday words. This serves as a solid foundation for their Amharic learning experience.

We start by introducing the Amharic alphabet, which is known as Ge’ez script. Amharic has a unique script with 33 basic characters. Teaching kids the names and sounds of these characters. We use visual aids, flashcards, and interactive games to make it engaging. 

Basic Vocabulary Building:

Description: We begin with basic vocabulary words that are relevant to a child’s daily life, such as family members, animals, colors, and common objects. Use pictures, drawings, and fun activities to associate words with their meanings. Practice pronunciation and encourage kids to repeat words aloud.

Simple Sentence Structure and Grammar:

Description: We introduce basic sentence structures in Amharic. Start with simple sentences like “I am [name]” or “This is a [noun].” Teach kids the basic word order, verb conjugations, and common sentence patterns. Focus on speaking and listening exercises to help them understand and use these structures in context.

Language Practice and Cultural Exploration:

Description: We encourage kids to practice Amharic through interactive activities and cultural exploration. This step involves:

Listening and Speaking: We engage in conversations with them in Amharic. Encourage them to speak and express themselves.

Reading: We gradually introduce them to Amharic books, stories, or simple texts appropriate for their age.

Writing: We teach them how to write Amharic characters and simple sentences.

Cultural Activities: Students will able to share aspects of Amharic culture, such as holidays, traditions, and music, to foster a deeper connection with the language.

Basic Geez Alphabets/ ​መሰረታዊ የግእዝ ፊደሎች

Our interactive Geez Alphabet Chart is designed to offer both beginners and language enthusiasts a hands-on learning experience. Each character in this script is presented as a clickable button, not just to appreciate its unique form visually but to engage with its distinct sound audibly. Dive into the roots of Ethiopian heritage: simply click on any alphabet, and you'll be greeted with its authentic pronunciation, bringing the rhythm and tone of Geez to life. Whether you're a curious mind, a passionate linguist, or someone who cherishes Ethiopian culture, our chart is your gateway to mastering the basic blocks of one of the world's oldest written languages. Embark on this linguistic journey and let the Geez alphabets resonate in their full sonic beauty.

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Amharic Alphabets Game Two

Are you ready to master the Amharic alphabet? Test your knowledge and sequencing skills with our engaging Amharic Alphabet Drag-and-Drop Game! In this fun and educational activity, you'll have the opportunity to arrange the unique characters of the Amharic script in their correct order. Explore the beauty of this ancient Ethiopian script while you challenge yourself and improve your understanding of its alphabetical arrangement. Can you put all the letters in the correct order? Let's find out! Get ready to enjoy a delightful learning experience as you discover the magic of the Amharic alphabet.

BK Amharic Interactive Learning Path: Select Your Level According to Your Personal Study Plan

Let's Learn!

So, young linguists, pick the step that excites you the most, and let's embark on this Amharic adventure together! The world of Amharic language and culture awaits your exploration.


Explore into the world of Amharic Interactive Learning Map!

Introducing the Amharic Language Interactive Learning Map! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of language discovery. Simply click on the map and let the learning begin!

Farm | እርሻ
Zoo | መካነ አራዊት
Shopping Stores | የገበያ መደብሮች
Pet Park | የቤት እንስሳት መናፈሻ
School | ትምህርት ቤት
About Me and My Family | ስለ እኔ እና ቤተሰቤ
My Room | የኔ መኝታ ቤት
Library | ቤተ መጻሕፍት
My House | የኔ ቤት

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