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Charting the Future: BK Amharic's Journey to Linguistic and Cultural Mastery

BK Amharic's Growth Roadmap Year One Growth Roadmap Year One

Our Year One Plan

Charting the Future of Amharic Language and Cultural Education

Establishing Foundations

set the stage with a robust curriculum focusing on the Amharic alphabet, basic vocabulary, and essential communication skills, laying the groundwork for a solid understanding of the language and its cultural context. Inclusive learning community. Each year of our journey is carefully crafted to build upon the last, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

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Q1 - Conceptualize BK Amharic's vision and mission.
- Identify target audience (schools, individuals, communities).
- Initial contact with Maryland's educational authorities about Amharic inclusion.
- Develop a project charter for the introductory course.
- Draft a detailed curriculum outline.
- Plan outreach strategy for community and government engagement.
- Launch awareness campaign.
- Begin curriculum development for the Amharic alphabet, numbers, and sounds.
- Hold initial meetings with community leaders and government officials.
- Review the progress of the awareness campaign.
- Finalize the introductory course framework.
- Secure initial feedback and endorsements from community leaders.
Q2 - Assess feedback from initial outreach.
- Plan development of multimedia resources.
- Initiate fundraising efforts for app development.
- Develop a detailed plan for the multimedia enhancement of the introductory course.
- Plan engagements with tech partners for app development.
- Outline a proposal for government and community funding.
- Develop and integrate multimedia resources.
- Conduct community workshops for feedback and support.
- Present proposals to potential funders and government bodies.
- Evaluate the effectiveness of multimedia resources.
- Secure funding commitments.
- Establish agreements with tech partners for app development.
Q3 - Gather feedback on multimedia-enhanced course.
- Initiate the basic vocabulary-building module.
- Plan for increased government interaction for app integration in schools.
- Develop a curriculum for basic vocabulary building.
- Design a comprehensive proposal for app integration in school curriculums.
- Plan pilot programs with interested schools.
- Pilot the basic vocabulary-building module.
- Meet with school officials and stakeholders for app integration.
- Conduct promotional activities to increase program visibility.
- Assess the reception of the vocabulary module.
- Finalize agreements with schools for pilot testing of the app.
- Close initial round of community and government engagements with reports and future plans.
Q4 - Review the year’s progress.
- Plan for the launch of the vocabulary-building module.
- Strategize on scaling community and government relations for broader app adoption.
- Finalize the vocabulary-building module.
- Develop a robust plan for continuous community engagement and support.
- Prepare presentations for wider government outreach.
- Launch the vocabulary-building module.
- Implement the app in pilot schools.
- Conduct a series of community and government feedback sessions.
- Evaluate the module's impact and app's pilot run.
- Secure commitments for broader app rollout.
- Plan next phase based on the year’s learnings and feedback.

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